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Robert Hazeldean said he was left “reeling” after a judge ordered him to pay damages

More than £50,000 has been raised for a cyclist who was ordered to pay compensation to a woman who stepped in front of him while using her phone.

Both Robert Hazeldean and 28-year-old yoga instructor Gemma Brushett were knocked unconscious in a collision near London Bridge in July 2015.

A judge found they were “equally culpable” for what happened.

Mr Hazeldean was ordered to pay over £4,000 in damages but he fears his total legal bill could reach £100,000.

The garden designer was legally unrepresented during the initial stages of the case and failed to launch a counterclaim, which would have reduced his financial bill.

‘Incredible outpouring’

A hearing to decide the final court costs will take place at a later date.

Mr Hazeldean, who sounded a horn and swerved to avoid Ms Brushett, has said the order to make him pay damages left him “reeling”.

The crowdfunding campaign, which was set up by Mr Hazeldean’s friend Brittany Maher-Kirk, has more than doubled its £21,300 target, with more than 3,500 donations made since the page was set up last week.

Ms Maher-Kirk said any surplus from the fund – designed to cover the £4,300 Mr Hazeldean owes in compensation, plus £10,000 for Ms Brushett’s legal fees, with an additional £7,000 towards his own court costs – would be donated to charity.

She added: “It’s been such an incredible outpouring of support. I’m in awe the target has been more than doubled now.”

In a statement released on Friday, Mr Hazeldean, who now lives in France, said he regretted not having engaged lawyers sooner.

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